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Good Day Fellow Security Professionals:

ATAB was developed by responders in an effort to address the current training situation that exists in the responder industry. Most businesses and governments do not have the funds to send all their staff to training and unfortunately the person on the street doing the job seems to be the last to be trained. We developed these programs after 9/11 when we realized how few people have current knowledge of proper way to respond to a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) Incidents. We took the FEMA, DOT, US Army and Federal Fire Academy safety courses and merged them into a Power Point to make it easy to understand. Thing have just continued to grow to where we are now offer more than 50 presentations in MS-PowerPoint format and over 800 publications, guides, white papers and other reference materials on terrorism-related topics from Aviation and Agro-terrorism to Physical Security and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Many or our CAS and CMAS members use our resources for reference and self-advancement, as well as conducting training and briefings for co-workers, peers, and clients. We also have many members that use them as revenue generators by charging businesses to come in and present training for employees, vendors, and their clients. on to the 40 Power Points you will also receive over 800 manuals on various types of security and terrorism response as well as power points on Travel Safety and Workplace Violence.

ATAB has grown and provides much more than just terrorism response information. Today, we now provide some of the best security management training programs available on topics such as computer security, work place violence, travel safety, corporate espionage, debugging, information security and executive protection.

Here are the links for a couple of articles written about ATAB:



In closing, I hope that you seriously consider our training and certification programs, professional services, and member benefits. I highly recommend adding the ATAB Emergency Response Manual and Reference Library to your list of anti-terrorism resources, and I am certain that you will find the ATAB certification examination both challenging and rewarding.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
.This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

John Sears, PhD, CMAS

Executive Director

What are people saying about ATAB training and certifications?

Frank Borelli, CAS, Borelli Consulting

"For anyone who works under the motto of "Protect & Serve" or "Protect & Defend" - or any OTHER motto that involves protecting the innocent while fighting the world's wolves (terrorists), the ATAB educational materials are an outstanding resource. I highly recommend that all in the law enforcement or military professions seek out the certification and maintain a higher state of knowledge! Thank you!!!"

Frank Borelli is a veteran of both military and law enforcement service specializing in development of crime prevention and counter-terrorism training programs for the front line officer. Borelli Consulting provides training, consulting and subject matter expert services to any and all persons fighting crime and/or terrorism.

Richard J. Hughbank, M.A., M.S., CMAS

“As an author, instructor, and lecturer in the terrorism arena, I have found the ATAB powerpoint presentations and training materials invaluable in my research for course and lecture preparation. Source information is accurate and detail oriented, and lends accurate, expert input from various subject matter experts.”

Richard Hughbank is a Military Police officer with over 19 years of service in the US Army and is a certified SRT team leader, anti-terrorism instructor, and conventional physical security officer. He is currently assigned to the US Air Force Academy as an instructor and an Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Officer, and is employed as an adjunct instructor of graduate terrorism studies and homeland defense for the Center for Homeland Security at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.


John Spain, PhD, CMAS, CPP, CFE

"Excellent training program"





Michael J. Kotch, CFE, CCP, CMAS
President & CEO
ISIS International Business Alliance, LLC

“The ATAB organization, leadership and service are unmatched in the industry. In my opinion, the training and educational materials available through ATAB are the best single source of cost-effective anti-terrorist information in the world. I highly recommend interested individuals apply for membership and certification.”

Richard Brown, CAS
Office for Regulatory Audit and Compliance

"A must have for any security director, Having the CAS certification has opened many doors for me as well as giving me a step up on my competition when it comes to signing new clients.”

Ron Lander, CMAS, CPP
Ultrasafe Security Solutions

"Very good program, I have used the power points on dozens of occasions for clients and speaking engagements here and abroad.”

Larry Young, CAS
DynCorp, Iraq

“I received the ATAB Certified Anti-terrorism Specialist diploma, CD, T-shirt and the most important thing, the Halloween candy. Mr. Flannigan, I would like to thank your daughter for the Halloween candy, as I have been in Iraq two years and that meant so much to me. I am recommending your ATAB accreditation to all my subordinates and co-workers, as I feel that there is definitely a need for anybody that is deployed against counter-terrorism to understand every little detail. As we all know it is a daily challenge to understand the ever changing TTP's of the insurgents.”

Lloyd Lokken, CAS
Phoenix Group Consultants
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“The ATAB is a great tool against the fight on terrorism. They have given me the best available training material for my successful company in Canada. I greatly appreciate their ongoing support.”

Mike Maddox, CAS, CMCP
National Registry Counter-Terrorism Professionals

"As a CAS, I am recognized as a professional in my field immediately, the training material and power point presentations are the best I have ever seen, the material is well organized, professional yet easy to use."

Major Mike Maddox serves as the Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence and Security, South Carolina Military Department. He also serves as the President and CEO of the National Registry of Counter-Terrorism Professionals. He is a Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist, and Certified Master Counter-Terrorism Professional.

Tony Berg, CAS
D. A. Detective Services
CA PI24548

“John, I am a criminal investigator with recent experience as a security contractor. I have found your materials invaluable. They are always relevant and up to date. When I receive your materials, I make a habit of informing the members of my team on relevant issues. I encourage anyone working in related fields to subscribe because the ATAB materials heightens awareness, which saves lives.”


Gary Johnson, CAS
Master Sergeant, United States Army (Retired)

“I received the package today! Wow, what a very cool shirt & pin! The CD is totally awesome and I was floored to see the extremely impressive recognition plaque. I greatly look forward to our meetings in November also. Cheers and Warmest Regards.”

David "Duke" Colvin, CAS

Deputy Director Operations, Antiterrorist Officer, MACS

" ATAB training materials provide the most comprehensive one-stop shopping source for mission assurance, all hazards and antiterrorism.”

Mario Diaz Gordon, CAS
FP/AT Security Contractor, ECOPETROL
Middle Magdalena Region, Colombia

"ATAB’s powerpoint presentations are a very professional source of a real international situational awareness for security professionals and also they are a continued effort to upgrade my success criteria in my job and business decisions. I have been designated as a Certified Anti-terrorism Specialist with over a decade of direct experience in Immediate Threat Operations on Risk Reduction to life, profits and property for Oil, Supply Chain, Diplomatic and Defense Sectors in Colombia and USACE-DOD in Iraq.”


Charles R. Jones, CAS.

"The ATAB materials and PowerPoints are first class. I have used them innumerable times for reference and to teach public safety courses. I have also made use of the ATAB network on several occasions, and have never been disappointed with the professionalism I have found."

James Dexter, TSRT, CMAS
Black Mesa Security & Investigation LLC

“ATAB has put together a very informative package. Worth many times what I paid for the program. The resource and study material available to me, will help make training my team that much easier. Great job, thanks a lot.”

Professional Services

ATAB now has members on five continents standing ready with their knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide consulting, training, and hands-on assistance to your organization. More...

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