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Certification Basics Continued




ATAB offers members an extensive resource library of training and reference materials for the anti-terrorism professional. This library is regularly updated, and currently contains the ATAB Emergency Response Manual (EMR) consisting of more than 50 MS-PowerPoint presentations, as well as over 800 publications, guides, white papers and other reference materials. The EMR may also be used as a self-study training and review manual in preparation for core and specialty certification examinations. Together, these materials serve as a single, comprehensive source of detailed and up-to-date information covering a wide-spectrum of anti-terrorism topics that is unmatched elsewhere. The ATAB Emergency Response Manual contains the following Chapters:

    Here is a list of some of the informative Chapters contained on the CD.

  • Ch 1 Terrorism in Perspective
  • Ch 2 Incidents & Indicators
  • Ch 3 Self Protection in a Hot Zone
  • Ch 4 Scene Control
  • Ch 5 Notification and Coordination
  • Ch 6 Hostage/Crisis Negotiations
  • Ch 7 Cyber Terrorism Deployment
  • Ch 8 Terrorism Response Plan
  • Ch 9 IT Security while Traveling
  • Ch 10 How Terrorist Choose their Victims
  • Ch 11 Emergency Response to Terrorism (Ops)
  • Ch 12 Emergency Response to Terrorism (CBRNE)
  • Ch 13 Preserving Evidence at a Terrorist Incident
  • Ch 14 Being Held Hostage and Surviving
  • Ch 15 Stress Management After the Incident
  • Ch 16 Agraterrorism
  • Ch 17 Sea Port Security
  • Ch 18 Aviation Security
  • Ch 19 Computer Forensics in Corp Investigations
  • Ch 20 Energy Facilities: Protecting them from Terrorism
  • Ch 21 Responding to a Cyber Attack
  • Ch 22 Securing a High Risk Facility
  • Ch 23 Managing a Protective Detail
  • Ch 24 Establishing a Computer Forensics' Program
  • Ch 25 Healthcare Readiness for CBRNE Terrorist Events
  • Ch 26 Road side Bombs and Vehicle Born IED's
  • Ch 27 WiFi in combating Terrorism and Crime
  • Ch 28 Disaster in the Data Center
  • Ch 29 EP Principals
  • Ch 30 Managing a TSCM Detail
  • Ch 31 Al Qaeda Training Tactics
  • Ch 32 Islamic Background Information
  • Ch 33 Islamic Extremist
  • Ch 34 Understanding Jihad
  • Ch 35 Mindset and Methods of Terrorist
  • Ch 36 Jihad Recruiting & the al Qaeda Network
  • Ch 37 Combating 21st Century Terrorism
  • Ch 38 Suspicious Activities
  • Additional Power Points on Travel Safety, Security and Workplace Violence and Conducting Security Surveys
  • GLOSSARY of Security and Terrorism Terms

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